Our Rockstar Speakers

Chander Dhall

Chander Dhall - Awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional | ASP.NET Insider | Web API Advisor | DocumentDB Advisor | Dev Chair - Devconnections

Chander Dhall is an awarded Microsoft MVP and world-renowned technology leader in architecting and implementing solutions. He's not only rescued software development teams, but also implemented successful projects under tight deadlines and difficult business constraints. His company has a proven track record of not just saving the client millions of dollars, but also providing an expedited delivery time. Chander's team of experts are internationally-acclaimed speakers in top technical conferences in the world.

As a Microsoft Azure Advisor, ASP.NET Insider, Web API Advisor, DocumentDB Advisor, and an MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies, Chander has insight into new releases on technologies used by millions of developers. His critical advice, impeccable vision, futuristic strategy backed with creating and establishing best practices in the industry are some of the reasons for his unparalleled success.

At the same time, he's a voracious and highly-respected speaker. Chander is known to elucidate critical and complex concepts while making them easy to understand. He's one man who can talk to anyone from a junior developer, a senior architect all the way to an executive and knows how to speak their language. He has utilized his amazing business sense having started a company with zero funding and turned it into a multi-million-dollar company in less than two years.

Nish Anil

Nish Anil - Senior Program Manager - Microsoft

Nish is a Senior Program Manager on the Xamarin team at Microsoft. He is a C# fanatic and has been writing softwares for web and desktop platforms for little over a decade.

Vic Parmar

Vic Parmar - Director IT Operations - AaNeel Technology Solutions | Microsoft MVP | Speaker

Kalpesh J Parmar aka “Vic Parmar” Director IT Operations at AaNeel Technology Solutions. Vic is a seasoned player over 20 years of IT industry experience specializing in Cross platform solutions, being a member of the company’s leadership team, he focuses on delivering key product architectures with innovation and excellence.

He has been awarded the Microsoft MVP for his work in Client Application Development, Vic manages India’s largest .Net community called as the “Bangalore .Net Community” and also manages “IoT & Azure” community which is dedicated towards IoT, Vic is a well-known speaker and loves to speak on Web Technologies, Mobile, Cloud and IoT.

He is also a self-proclaimed Gadget enthusiast and spends free time on IoT and things to do with electronics, Vic is currently working with healthcare related IoT taking real time data to the Azure cloud for analytics, apart from Electronics Vic enjoys photography, is a member in many photography groups, he is a Naturalist and loves frogs and snakes.

Rahul Sahay

Rahul Sahay - Software Developer

Rahul is an experienced Software Developer who has written code for major trading, ecommerce, banking, oil companies. He has written code which you have already experienced. He blogs at - My View on all microsoft related stuffs. Basically, he codes, writes, speakes, learns, trains and listens - usually not in that order

Hemanth. HM

Hemanth. HM - Senior Software Engineer - PayPal

Hemanth is a computer polyglot, CLI, web and unix philosopher and works as a Senior software engineer at PayPal Bangalore. He blogs about his experiments and experiences in programming at https://h3manth.com/new/. He contributes to FOSS via Github and is a member of the Yeoman, Webpack and many other notable teams. A curator of Node Module Of The Week and JSfeatures.in. Coordinates meetings at BangaloreJS meetups. Mentors at GeeksKool. Community leader at DuckDuckGo. He is also a Google Developer Expert.

Swaminathan Vetri

Swaminathan Vetri - Senior Engineer - Target | Microsoft MVP | Blogger | Speaker

Swami works as a Senior Engineer at Target where he is a Full Stack Developer building large scale web and cross platform mobile applications using Microsoft technologies. He is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional under Visual Studio and Development technologies. An avid blogger and a speaker who can be seen often speaking at the user group events/meetups and local conferences. He is also a co-organizer of Bangalore Dotnet (B.Net) and XHackers User group. Photography, Travel and road trips are his other favorite activities. He can reached via twitter at @svswaminathan