Change the Game with Reactive Interfaces in Angular 2

Angular 2 is built with reactive mechanisms baked right into the framework. State change happens in one place in your application and it is automatically streamed through your components and to your views. Observables fundamentally shift the way that we reason about how interactions and data flow through our application. Without the proper orientation, this can be incredibly overwhelming. We will start with the basic observable stream and work through some simple examples that lay the foundation for you to change your UI game.

Track Details

  • Day: March 9 - 2017 (02:00pm - 02:50pm)

  • Track: Two

  • Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Lukas Ruebbelke

Lukas Ruebbelke

Lukas is a web application developer with over ten years experience building immersive, client-side applications for a wide range of clients including startups to Fortune 100 companies.

He is a recognized Google Developer Expert in Web Application Development, Hybrid Mobile Development, Realtime Applications, Client-Side Architecture, and Lean Product Development.

Lukas lives in Phoenix where he is heavily involved with the local development community. He is the co-organizer of a local meetup with almost 1000 members and organizes multiple conferences and hackathons in the valley.

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