Introduction to ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core is a newish open-source and cross-platform framework for building modern cloud-based internet connected applications, such as web apps, IoT applications, and mobile backends. ASP.NET Core apps can run on .NET Core or on the full .NET Framework. You can develop and run your ASP.NET Core apps cross-platform on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Well do a quick overview of ASP.NET Core, then we'll build application or two using web API, web UI, and ASP.NET Core MVC.

Track Details

  • Day: March 9 - 2017 (03:00pm - 03:50pm)

  • Track: One

  • Level: Beginner

Speaker: Joe Guadagno

Joe Guadagno

For 20 years or so I have been in Software Development. During that time I have used many tools, languages, and technologies. I started out programming with a small book on QuickBASIC. I later moved on to Visual Basic for DOS. Windows then came along and I starting using Visual Basic for Windows, I then migrated to Visual Basic .NET and eventually ended up using Visual C#. I work as a Team Leader at Quicken Loans, based in Detroit, MI. I am a public speaker and present internationally on a lot of different technology topics, a list of them are available at  I have been recognized as a Microsoft MVP in .NET (since 2009) and a Friends of Red Gate program (since 2015).

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