Transactional Cloud Micro-services using Azure Service Bus

Systems are becoming more distributed and micro-services are everywhere. As software developers, we must manage complexity to build applications that can be supported, maintained, and enhanced in our online, real-time world. Using durable messaging along with the native C# async support, business transactions can be distributed across services and remain supportable with complete fault tolerance. A well-tested, production ready framework for composing and orchestrating micro-services will be demonstrated, built using MassTransit and Azure Service Bus.

Track Details

  • Day: March 9 - 2017 (11:00am - 11:50am)

  • Track: Two

  • Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson is a Principal Architect and Fellow at McKesson, the nation's leading healthcare services company. At McKesson, Chris is responsible for the architecture and development of applications for healthcare providers, patients and payers across a heterogenous network of systems. With a focus on enterprise integration and service oriented architectures, he has helped build a robust portfolio of applications delivering value to customers at multiple stages of the healthcare delivery process.

Chris also works on several open source projects and is the primary contributor to MassTransit, a free, open source .NET messaging framework. Through open source contributions, his knowledge of distributed systems has enabled many companies, including McKesson, to develop highly available distributed transaction processing systems. Since 2009, Chris has received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for his community contributions.

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