Up and running with React in ASP.NET (without Node!)

React is a JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces. It's often used in a node-based stack, but needn't be. You can build your next feature in React in your existing ASP.NETMVC application seamlessly. This approach lets you experiment with the popular and powerful new framework without scrapping your existing application. It also allows you to use the existing strongly typed toolset in Visual Studio to maintain your data contracts, and avoid the fragility of plain JavaScript. We'll use TypeScript and Visual Studio 2015 to build an interactive app quickly. We'll look at the Flux architecture pattern, and what it looks like in a strongly typed environment. We won't need to install Node.

This is an intermediate-level talk. All you need to know is a bit of ASP.NET MVC, and be curious about how it works with React.

Track Details

  • Day: March 9 - 2017 (04:00pm - 04:50pm)

  • Track: Two

  • Level: Intermediate

Speaker: Mike Randrup

Mike Randrup

Mike Randrup is a Senior Engineer at Match.com on their mobile web product. This has included helping people find love by applying modern web technologies like React. Prior to that, he started and grew two different digital agencies creating broadcast animation and web applications. When not coding, he loves listening to audiobooks, avoiding long road trips, and hosting an assortment of Airbnb guests.

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