0 to M.E.A.N in 30 minutes

The M.E.A.N stack is a fast rising technology stack where the front-end application is completely separated from the backend through RESTful API's. While this is great for web applications that can be deployed everywhere, it does require that applications must be made different. This change in development methods is causing developers headaches on how to get up and running quickly. Until now.

0 - 15 minutes: We will talk through the trends in web development which have supported the rise of the M.E.A.N stack. We will talk through the benefits of Serverless application development and the API powered stacks behind them.

Last 30 minutes: We will build a full featured M.E.A.N web application leveraging a number of new Open Source technologies that enable rapid development of M.E.A.N web application.

Track Details

  • Day: March 9 - 2017 (04:00pm - 04:50pm)

  • Track: One

  • Level: Advanced

Speaker: Travis Tidwell

Travis Tidwell

Travis Tidwell has been developing advanced enterprise software solutions for over 15 years ranging from Embedded GPS navigation products to Open Source web solutions. In 2008, he co-founded a Software development shop called Alethia where he developed and founded the popular Open Source multimedia solution called MediaFront (http://mediafront.org). He now serves as the CTO and Co-Founder for a new platform called Form.io which offers developers a form-based API platform for their form centric web and mobile applications. Travis's Open Source contributions have provided him significant notoriety where he has accrued an impressive following within GitHub, YouTube, and Drupal communities. He is typically found giving presentations on Open Source technologies at camps and conferences across the nation.

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