RxJS Observables in Angular Apps

RxJS is a functional approach to handling streams of events. Think of RxJS as LINQ or Lodash for events.

RxJS Observables can represent animations, user interactions (clicks, mouse moves, etc), ajax, web sockets, arrays, iterables and much more. They’re richer than Promises and much easier to read, write, and compose than traditional event handler callbacks.

As a practical matter, many Angular APIs return observables. Other frameworks are jumping on board. Why not you?

This presentation covers what they are, when to use them, which RxJS operators you should know, and how to cope with errors as well as success.

Track Details

  • Day: January 27 - 2017 (02:00pm - 02:50pm)

  • Track: All Tracks

Speaker: Ward Bell

Ward Bell

Ward is a co-founder of IdeaBlade, a consultancy specializing in web applications for business and the makers of the Breeze.js and DevForce data management libraries. Ward is a regular conference speaker, a developer, and a Microsoft MVP.

Ward has over twenty-five years of application development experience. Prior to joining IdeaBlade in 2002, He was Senior Director of Product Management at Rivio, Inc. where he was responsible for definition and development of all Internet applications. Later Ward created the Rivio professional services department that managed all customization and private labeling activities for Rivio partners including Bank of America and Fleet Boston Bank.

Before Rivio, Ward was V.P. of Financial Services and a Director of Business Development at GE Capital Computer Leasing. Prior to GE, he designed and developed numerous enterprise applications for American Express, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Mobil Oil and other global industrial companies.

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