Xamarin Deep Dive

Xamarin provides the framework C# and F# developers need to build native applications for multiple platforms. If you’re looking to build cross-platform mobile applications targeting iOS and Android, Xamarin has you covered. Come to this session to learn the tools and strategies required to build iOS and Android applications using the languages you already know. Now that Microsoft has acquired Xamarin there’s no better time to learn this exciting technology.

Track Details

  • Day: January 27 - 2017 (01:00pm - 01:50pm)

  • Track: All Tracks

Speaker: Brent Schooley

Brent Schooley

Brent is a Developer Evangelist for Twilio representing the Philadelphia metro. He is a software developer who has been working with Microsoft technologies since 2004. His interests include front-end and mobile application development and user experience design with a recent emphasis on cross-platform mobile applications and client-side JavaScript frameworks. Other platforms he has worked with include WPF, Silverlight, Windows Forms, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. Brent is the author of Designing for Windows 8, a Windows 8 design primer from Apress. He is a Microsoft MVP in Windows Development as well as a Xamarin MVP

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