Microservices with Docker and Kubernetes

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Transitioning from monolith apps to services was a logical progression. In order to have services or APIs that could communicate with external as well as internal systems, it made sense to take a particular component of the system and convert it into services. When we talk about Microservices architecture, containers have a special place.

When we talk about containers, Docker is by far the most popular one. However, containers have been part of an operating system way before even Docker was introduced. Docker enables faster development as well as deployment, improved security, digital transformation, reduced costs, improved productivity and microservices architecture that can be easily ported to a hybrid cloud model. Kubernetes is currently the de facto tool for orchestrating containers and any project of scale can benefit from the goodness that Kubernetes brings to the table. Join this session to learn how to deploy Microservices with Docker & Kubernetes.

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  • Track B
  • 01:00 - 01:50 pm
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Paul Barriere

Software Consultant - Cazton

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